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  • Feeling proud

    Year was ~2007. I had a rare 1-1 with the CEO of the outsourcing company I worked for. The company was based in the USA while engineers were in Serbia. I as a somewhat longer tenured employee was asked to share what I think about the company, the local team, etc.…Me: You know I think […]

  • Cool Podcasts in 2022

    Previously (back in 2011), I wrote about some podcasts I enjoyed listening while I was traveling or doing sports. Turns out the list has changed a lot in just 11 years ๐Ÿ˜ฎ The current list is: Acquired – behind the scenes of the biggest tech IPOs and acquisitions of all time. AllIn – Industry veterans, […]

  • Getting Around in Silicon Valley

    My family and I moved to San Mateo, CA (Mid Peninsula, San Francisco Bay Area) in Oct 2015 and we’re enjoying our stay here. We were lucky to immigrate with a green card we got through Diversity Visa lottery. The move went smoothly since I have been already working for Frame – a Bay Area […]

  • Developers from Nis in English

    The actual title of this article about Serbian developers from Nis who blog/tweet/give_lectures in English language should’ve been – Developers from Nis doing stuff in English but the current title is shorter and rhymes better with Nish ๐Ÿ™‚ This article is just a start and currently (at the moment of publishing) contains modest amount of […]

  • 60 IT companies in Nis, Serbia

    I am happy to announce that the unofficial list of IT companies in my town (Nis, Serbia) now contains 60 companies. I hope that they will continue to be successful for many years to come. The good news is also that young people from Nis recognized the potential of IT leading to the situation where […]

  • 56 IT companies that offer jobs to developers in Nis are now listed here

    The unofficial list of IT companies in my town (Nis, Serbia) has enlarged and now it contains 56 IT companies. Many thanks to all the people of good will that provided info and updates and helped me to build and maintain this list. The latest entries are: AppModule, Edev, and Shindiri.

  • More than 50 IT companies currently operate in Nis (Serbia)

    Almost two years ago I have started to populate the unofficial list of IT companies in my town (Nis, Serbia). In the beginning it contained something above 20 companies and now it reached more than 50. I want to thank you all who provided me with the info about the companies that work well and […]

  • IT Companies in Nis Updates

    I have decided to register updates to IT Companies in my town (Nis, Serbia, Eastern Europe) as separate posts. So here is the first update in that manner: – I have updated the info for StangaOne branch in Nis – I have added the Joomboz company Now, this unofficial list contains 46 potential working places […]

  • Practice programming by solving challenges on job sites

    A few months ago, I read a really great article by Jason Rudolph on how to be a better developer and it left a great impact on me. The impact mostly affected the way I think on how to improve programming skills because I didn’t took much action in relation to what it writes […]

  • IT Companies in my town (Nis, Serbia, Eastern Europe)

    The town of Nis (Niลก, pronounced Niche) with its population of over 300,000 people is the University center of the South Serbia. South Serbia is the region with the lowest average salaries, broken industry (including EI Nis electronics which was the symbol of my town 20 years ago), it is often forgotten by government centered […]