Getting Around in Silicon Valley

My family and I moved to San Mateo, CA (Mid Peninsula, San Francisco Bay Area) in Oct 2015 and we’re enjoying our stay here. We were lucky to immigrate with a green card we got through Diversity Visa lottery. The move went smoothly since I have been already working for Frame – a Bay Area startup of which I was a founding engineer working from Serbia (until moving to US).

The last 4 years were very dynamic on many fronts and especially career wise.

I worked for about a 1.5 year at Frame‘s San Mateo office and then moved to Cisco Meraki (a startup that was acquired by Cisco in 2011).

Moving to Cisco Meraki was a jump towards a more challenging and faster paced engineering environment compared to Frame. Meraki has already operated at few orders of magnitude greater scale and with a very diverse and strong engineering team. At the time I joined in 2017. – the engineering team was already 200 strong. The revenue for the business unit was about 1.4B while Meraki cloud app was serving over 1 million networks. Meraki was for me experiencing Silicon Valley for real.

Beautiful office, colleagues I only had a chance to read about before, impactful work (make a mistake and no one at Starbucks will have internet), learning a lot about Bay Area tech culture, etc.

Meraki Office San Francisco: Sporting Faculty of Electronic Engineering flag over my desk

While I was learning the ropes at Meraki, Frame was acquired by Nutanix in 2018. for $165M 👏.
Below is an old photo when Frame was still <20 people and when few of us from Serbia visited the Menlo Park office back in 2014.

Fun fact: IIRC the flag we are holding had Mainframe2 on it which was later rebranded as Frame

Back to Meraki, after spending 2.5 years, collaborating with so many wonderful people, I decided to follow a flock of great engineers and leaders that were leaving Meraki to join Samsara – a company founded by the “original” Meraki founders John Bicket and Sanjit Biswas.

Samsara Fab

A new journey begins…



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