My startup ideas list (no it’s not revealed)

I’ve decided to reveal my startup ideas list size (not the actual content which is in Serbian and would take some time to translate).

This is the list I populated in the last 3 years. Whenever I got an idea about something (in 99% it is IT/web/app stuff) that could be interesting to be done but may lead to startup company or something that can be done out of pure altruism I’ve written it to my tadalist. This tadalist helped me to reduce my frustration of not having time to work on “my stuff” and fear of forgetting what I wanted to do.

Today, I looked at this list to pick the best ideas and could easily enlist a few (actually six which are marked with green arrows on image below). Sadly, I’ve only managed to make some progress on only two items (out of 70 something) and even that small progress didn’t happened until recently.

I guess I am a bad executor but I am improving myself.

I wonder how many people have more/less ideas and what is their execution rate. Also, although I am not 18 for more than a decade, what do you think “Do I have potential?”

my startup ideas
my startup ideas






6 responses to “My startup ideas list (no it’s not revealed)”

  1. Kav Latiolais Avatar

    Your potential has more to do with your ability to execute than your ability to come up with ideas. Keep heading in that direction and you’ll be in great shape.


  2. gagi Avatar

    @Kav Latiolais
    Thanks. That’s what I identified as important as well. Maybe I should’ve posted question in different way – What is your ideas/execute ratio? Do you start ignoring newer ideas before executing older ones…

  3. Steven Avatar

    I dump ideas like water. Don’t even bother writing them down. I go through them pretty fast. Usually I’ll come up with an idea, iterate for a few hours, maybe a day or two at most, and if it doesn’t past most of my initial reasoning for why I might not be happy with the idea, I move on. Once I land on an idea, I being executing instantly. I don’t dwell too long on anything. Ratio of ideas to execution probaby doesn’t count since I don’t sit there and make a list or think about it. Constantly moving and executing non-stop even as I test ideas is technically executing on validating an idea and moving forward with it. So in that sense, execution is constantly at 100%

  4. Taylor Norrish Avatar

    @Steven love it, “I dump ideas like water”.

    I don’t keep a list either. Ideas are the fun part of the experience, and prefer to use an intuitive approach. Ideas com up all the time and bounce around in my head. As problems occur, an idea looses mass till it falls off the radar. Other ideas seem doable and build mass till I can’t stop thinking about them. Then it’s time to research and decide if I should execute. Once I start executing, it’s my priority till it’s live.

  5. Taylor Norrish Avatar

    P.S. I find sharing my ideas more helpful than concealing. Sometimes people give feedback that helps decide to toss an idea or execute.

    Most entrepreneurs have their own ideas, and not interested in executing on someone else’s. They might take little bits, but you’ll be taking bits of theirs too. If they straight out steal, they’ll most likely suck at execution.

  6. gagi Avatar

    @Taylor Norrish

    When thinking again about what you said on entrepreneurs being interested mostly in their own ideas I realize that you’re right and I should translate some of my ideas (on this list they are in Serbian) and put them on test. But first I’ll have to finish execution of ones that I’ve already started…

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