Battle for Brilliant Developers (not Managers)

Recently, I’ve read about many companies offering rewards for referring great developers to them. Examples are Hubspot offering $10k, SeoMoz oferring $12k, and EnergySavy oferring $10k.

It appears that demand for developers exceeds supply so it’s good to be developer these days so I am using this opportunity to remind young computer science graduates that they are sometimes badly taught that being a developer is like being a plain old dirty worker and that they should strive to become project managers or team leaders. Graduates should ask themselves if they have ever seen a job ad asking for managers and offering reward before making a decision to become “great managers the world will know of” 🙂

After all, the most important thing is to be happy in what you are doing. And in my opinion being developer makes you happy and forever young (at least in spirit).

(The illustrations below show Happy developer and Miserable manager)






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