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IT Companies in my town (Nis, Serbia, Eastern Europe)

September 25th, 2011


Serbia, Europe

Nis, Serbia

Nis, Serbia

The town of Nis (Niš, pronounced Niche) with its population of over 300,000 people is the University center of the South Serbia. South Serbia is the region with the lowest average salaries, broken industry (including EI Nis electronics which was the symbol of my town 20 years ago), it is often forgotten by government centered around Belgrade, etc. etc (there are numerous places in Serbian language containing more detailed ramblings (complaints mostly) on the current state in the region).

Being an optimist I tend to think that this hard economical situation has positively influenced the development of IT sector. There are numerous IT companies in Nis which are outsourcing partners of US and European companies (for example Accordia, Seavus, Youngculture). There are also companies that have their own products such as MotionDSP’s video enhancment products or Atomia’s server and hosting automation platform (they were also one of the Gold Sponsors of 2011 HostingCon). Please note that the above mentioned companies do not necessarily originate nor are completely located in Nis but have significant development resources located there. Also there are many freelancers including Genius-Tech, Disample, or individuals like me :) who work from home. I’ve noticed that on freelancers from Nis are the majority of Serbian freelancers. For a more thorough list of IT companies in Nis take a look at the table below. The given list is unofficial and probably incomplete but helps in getting the overall picture. I’ll update the list with new info from time to time.

Unofficial list of Nis IT Companies
Id Link ~No of Emp Technologies, Comments
1 17 PHP, Java, Mobile Services
2 20 Java EE, Spring, Hibernate, Hybris
3 5 PHP, Design, custom CMS
4 58 .Net, Java, C++
5 10 MSSQL, C#.Net, iOS
6 10 Java EE, C#, Elearning
7 5 C#, .Net
8 10 PHP, C#, .Net
9 10 ERP, Information systems, .Net
10 5* .Net, Hardwar
11 Cim group** 10** .Net
12 Atomia 20 Automation software for hosting companies
13 ING software 7 .Net, ASP, web development
14 3+ .Net, Web development, PHP, Zend
15 15 Java, Oracle
16 Eurogenyx 3 Electronics, .Net
17 Simplicity 5 Web development, PHP
18 Alfatec 15 R&D, Python, .Net, Electronics
19 PSC Mobile Solutions 3 .Net
20 Ates Nearsourcing 12 Web design & developement (PHP – Symfony framework + .NET), Mobile (iPhone, Android)
21 Niri ~7 R & D center, Intelligent information management
22 10 Java EE, Spring, Hibernate
23 Accordia Group LLC 50 .Net, Java, Delphi, Data mining, SVG, Flex
24 n.a. Information systems
25 n.a. Information systems
26 15 C++, .Net, Video enhancement tools
27 Disample DCC n.a. Web design
28 Adriatiko (Inter Casa Ambienta doo) 5 PHP, Web design and development
29 ~7* C, C++, Electronics (Casino games, Led displays)
30 Younify 10 Magento, PHP
31 MobileWasp ~3 Android, iPhone
32 3 Php, Zend, Web development
33 20 iPhone, Web design
34 Smart net 13 .Net, mobile, js (more info at
35 Dualsoft n.a. Information systems for betting support
36 Energosoft 5 Oracle, Java ADF, SAP
37 Diyomi n.a. .NET, PHP, J2ME, Flash/Flex
38 Kraftwerk GmbH 12 Android, iPhone
39 15 Web design & development, mobile
40 Megatrend 10 Information systems
41 FutureForward 3 php, flash, flex
42 StangaOne1 20 c#,php, mobile(ios,android), FED, QA, opened in june 2012
43 DMV n.a. .net, electronics
44 Tehnopetrol n.a. Delphi
45 Mainframe2 now 9 HTML5, Rails, C++, .net, python, nodejs (startup)
46 n.a PHP, custom CMS
47 DOCS Logistics 6 .Net
48 n.a Embedded systems, HW
49 17 Mobile apps (iPhone, Android)
50 n.a. Embedded systems, SCADA
51 20 PHP, Android, iOS
52 Zlatna buba 11 .Net
53 Aster Media Net n.a. Web and mobile development
54 App Module 10 iOS, Android, PHP i Java Web
55 Shindiri studio 15 Wordpress and themes (good rank on ThemeForest)
56 Edev 5 Web and mobile development
57 IT Centar 4 Web and mobile development. Smart TV apps.
58 Code control 3 Web design and development
59 Neopix 10 Web design and development***
60 Transactor Technologies Limited
15 Oracle, Java, C#, Android, Web Design***
61 BankSoft ~7 Banking software
62 WhiteCircle 4 Web development
63 EXLRT ~5 SDL Tridion, Sitecore, ADAM, Kentico, Java/.Net
64 Prime 20 PHP, .Net, Java

*No of employees in software department

**it is recognized among developers as the worst IT company in the region

***part of the team is in Nis

Please note: This table should be observed from a developers point of view -> potential employment opportunities. Therefore the employee numbers given represent the number of developers that work in Nis even though company could be located elsewhere. It is the same for technology column.

Update: I have updated employee numbers for Seavus, Horisen, Youngculture, SmartNet (Thanks for corrections)

Update 2: Added dualsoft and corrected info about youngculture having office in Novi Sad

Update 3: Updated employee number for Seavus from 25 to 58. Apparently the information I had before was too old.

Update 4: Added Energosoft and updated employee number for ING Software from 5 to 7

Update 5: Corrected info about logik

Update 6: Added Kraftwerk, Diyomi, EtonDigital, Megalink

Update 7: Added FutureForward, corrected info on Megalink (megatrend actually)

Update 8 (June 25, 2012): Changed the number of employees for younify. Added StangaOne1.

Update 9 (July 16, 2012): Updated info for Ates nearsourcing (number of employees, technologies)

Update 10 (February 26, 2013): Added 3 new companies: DMV, Tehnopetrol as advised by Miljan and a new startup in Nis - Mainframe2. Corrected salary info (upper limit and percentage below 1000e).

The information about salaries is not given for obvious reasons, but for Nis they are within range 500e - 2400e net (for gross value add 40% to that number). Approximately 70% of developers have less than 1500e.

For more details about any of the above mentioned company you can check with provided links or you can contact me (email: sfsgagi attt gmail dottt com or on twitter @draganstankovic) and I would be very glad to help in making contact for you or to direct you in the proper way.

It’s good to be a developer in Nis :)


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Podcasts for Developers

April 29th, 2011

Until I started to travel on a regular basis I haven’t been aware of the value and information that can be found audio podcasts for developers. I thought, “Come on, what can you learn from listening to a radio?”.

Nevertheless, since I had to fulfill my time with something other than staring at empty space (I travel by night) I tried listening to some podcasts and since then I haven’t stopped to follow the ones that I liked the most.

In my opinion (being a Java developer most of the time), Java posse is the best podcast around. The guys behind it are very amusing, have different characters (opinions), and often make a roundups on hot topics where they include more people in discussions. For example, episode #337 they made together with guys from .net rocks which is I guess the best podcast for .net developers.

Apart from Java posse I like listening to grails podcast although they are not as regular with new stuff as Java posse is.

In near future I plan to check some python or ruby podcasts and compare their awesomeness to Java posse.

Try listening to any podcast for developers and you won’t regret. The feeling you’ll probably have is like you have found yourself a good developer friend who is willing to share his personal insights and programming knowledge with you. At least that is how it was in my case.


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Scruffy is outputting partial or blank images

October 1st, 2009

Scruffy gem that uses rmagick has a bug that caused me a lot of troubles since I am new to Ruby programming language. I am using windows environment.
Anyway, I was trying an example from Ruby in Practice by Jeremy McAnally and Assaf Arkin when I encountered a strange bug with Scruffy (now I know that it is its bug but it took me a while :).
This bug causes that any graph you try to render, renders only partially, similarly to the picture below:

The problem (with solution) is described here:

The cause of this problem is incorrect generation of viewbox by the base renderer. When you incorporate changes mentioned in the link above to RUBY_INSTALL\lib\ruby\gems\1.8\gems\scruffy-0.2.6\lib\scruffy\renderers\base.rb you should be able to render correct graphs.


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