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56 IT companies that offer jobs to developers in Nis are now listed here

August 27th, 2014

The unofficial list of IT companies in my town (Nis, Serbia) has enlarged and now it contains 56 IT companies.

Many thanks to all the people of good will that provided info and updates and helped me to build and maintain this list.

The latest entries are: AppModule, Edev, and Shindiri.

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More than 50 IT companies currently operate in Nis (Serbia)

June 17th, 2013

Almost two years ago I have started to populate the unofficial list of IT companies in my town (Nis, Serbia). In the beginning it contained something above 20 companies and now it reached more than 50. I want to thank you all who provided me with the info about the companies that work well and generate jobs in our town. I have received feedback from a lot of people that were very happy to know the fact that Nis has vibrant IT community and is a place where developers can find a decent job.

My impression now is that talented developers are headhunted very early (even 1 or 2 years before graduation) and that there are not so many talents available at the local market. Therefore, if we want Nis to have more than 100 IT companies we (not any governmental institution or agency) should promote programming and ICT to young people and collaborate closely with faculties in order to get more and better prepared fresh graduates.

Latest updates: Webelinx, Peaksel – no of employees, added HTec and Netico-Group (many thanks to Milan Rukavina for these)

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IT Companies in Nis Updates

May 23rd, 2013

I have decided to register updates to IT Companies in my town (Nis, Serbia, Eastern Europe) as separate posts.
So here is the first update in that manner:
– I have updated the info for StangaOne branch in Nis
– I have added the Joomboz company

Now, this unofficial list contains 46 potential working places for developers in Nis and still growing.

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